Masters Plumbing provide services to Architects, Draftspersons and other parties involved in projects from inception. We provide a pre project information service for plumbing gas and drainage.

Need to track or map existing underground services?

We offer location mapping of all existing underground and surface plumbing, gas and drainage.  Our sophisticated specialized equipment allows us to report on these services with a high level of detail and accuracy including pipe invert, size, type and general condition.


Want to improve the accuracy of your tender documents?

We offer consultation with stakeholders to develop project scenarios, layouts and specifications to allow improved accuracy of tender documents and building consent submissions leading to improved adherence to project budgets and costings and improve outcomes for all parties involved.

Want to give your clients good advice?

We are happy to consult with you and your client to discuss their particular requirements on central heating, solar heating, waste management, water collection, gray water use, plumbing and drainage, gas options and more

Architects: FAQs

What will it cost to map a project?

The hourly rate for this service is $180 + GST.   As projects vary greatly we would discuss an estimate based on your particular needs before being work.

What sort of information do you supply me?

We re-supply your site plan showing the location of all locatable plumbing services, including the inverts marked from the datum.  If required we can also provide a report outlining any recommendations or concerns identified. (An additional cost for this report will apply)

Do you charge for client consultation?

The first 1 hour is free.  All subsequent hours will be charged at $80 + GST per hour.

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