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Can I get piped gas at my home?

When we carry out an assessment of your needs we will advice if this is an option for your property.

How do I know if I have a gas leak?

You can smell it.

How do I know if my drain is blocked?

  • Slow draining toilet or water rising when you flush
  • Gurgling sound in the toilet pan or outside in the gully trap
  • Discharge from the gully trap outside
  • Slow draining sinks, showers etc
  • Surface flooding from sumps etc

What are the benefits of Central Heating?

  • System design
  • Face-to-face service
  • Qualified installers
  • Excellent warranty
  • Top quality product
  • Local servicing and system maintenance

What are the costs of renting gas cylinders?

It’s approximately $120 per bottle per year. We arrange this for you when we carry out your gasfitting work as part of our service.

What are your rates?

Standard Charges – 8am to 5pm Weekdays
Plumbing & Drainage – Hourly rate $105, Sundries $25, Vehicle Charge $60, Minimum 1 hour, then in 15 minute increments

Gas fitting – Hourly rate $120, Sundries $25, Vehicle Charge $60, Minimum 1 hour, then 15 minute increments

After Hours Weekdays $175 per Hour – 5pm Onwards
Call Out charge $175, Sundries $25, Vehicle Charge $60, Minimum 1 hour, then in 15 minute increments

Weekends $175 per Hour
Call Out charge $175, Sundries $25, Vehicle Charge $60, Minimum 1 hour, then in 15 minute increments

Public Holidays $190 per Hour
Call Out charge $350, Sundries $25, Vehicle Charge $60, Minimum 1 hour, then in 15 minute increments

All prices exclude GST

What does in cost to install an infinity system?

An average cost of $4,000 + GST (Not including electrical work).  However this can increase should additional pipework be required based on the proposed location of your system.

Contact us for an obligation free consultation.

What is a gully trap?

A gully trap is generally a dish sitting against the base of the house where all the small waste pipes discharge into.   When there is a blockage in a drain it will overflow at the gully.

What is an infinity?

A continuous flow water heater.  These heat water as it enters your hot water system removing the need for on-site water storage.  Benefits of this system are:

  • Continuous, unlimited hot water
  • The units are small – freeing up valuable space for other purposes
  • Can be installed inside or out
  • No stored water to keep hot
  • A number of capacity options so you choose the best model to suit your home.
  • Push button temperature control
  • No waiting for hot water

What will it cost to map a project?

The hourly rate for this service is $180 + GST.   As projects vary greatly we would discuss an estimate based on your particular needs before being work.

Why does my drain keep reblocking?

If your drain reblocks after being cleared within a short time frame i.e. 3 months, there is normally a more significant problem which needs to be addressed.  At this stage we are able to use a camera to determine the cause of the problem along with the location and depth.  We can then carry out repairs as required.

Why should I have Central Heating?

As Central Heating is designed to suit your individual building requirements it ensures you can experience the pleasure of being warm and comfortable throughout your entire home.

How long will it take to locate and clear my blockage?

This can vary depending on the complexity of the problem, however most simple blockages can be cleared in around 1 hour.

If I use gas bottles how often will I need to refill them?

As a guide we have supplied some figures based on annual gas usage. Actual consumption will be subject to other factors such as thermostat controls, how often and at what temperature appliances are used.

ApplicationNo. in householdAverage annual refills
Home Heating onlyN/A6-9
Water Heating only24-6

I have found some plumbing fixtures on the internet, will it be OK?

In our experience it is much better to purchase the items from a local plumbing merchant, as getting after sales service from online sellers can be very difficult and in the long run works out more expensive.

Will I need a building permit the remodel my bathroom?

As a general rule you don’t, however, it is important to check with us to insure this is the case.

My hot water cylinder needs replacing – should I switch to gas?

This depends on a variety of factors.  Contact us for an obligation free consultation.