Hot Water Cylinders

If you need your hot water cylinder replaced or repaired you've come to the right place. We have many options to ensure you get a hot water system you will be happy with.

We will assist you with all hot water heater systems

  • Mains Pressure
  • Low Pressure
  • Gas storage hot water heaters
  • Gas infinity hot water heaters
  • Heatpump hotwater cylinders
  • Indoor and outdoor cylinders
  • Wetback systems
  • Solar water heaters
  • Boiler and central heating systems

Local plumbing company

Masters Plumbing are a local plumbing company.  Servicing Napier and Hastings including all rural properties in the region, we have a team to assist you with getting your hot water cylinder issues under control with no fuss. We provide quality workmanship and advice to make sure you receive the right system for you and your family

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Please contact us with any questions so we can get your hot water system back up and running

Hot Water Cylinders: FAQs

My hot water cylinder needs replacing – should I switch to gas?

This depends on a variety of factors.  Contact us for an obligation free consultation.

What does in cost to install an infinity system?

An average cost of $4,000 + GST (Not including electrical work).  However this can increase should additional pipework be required based on the proposed location of your system.

Contact us for an obligation free consultation.

What is an infinity?

A continuous flow water heater.  These heat water as it enters your hot water system removing the need for on-site water storage.  Benefits of this system are:

  • Continuous, unlimited hot water
  • The units are small – freeing up valuable space for other purposes
  • Can be installed inside or out
  • No stored water to keep hot
  • A number of capacity options so you choose the best model to suit your home.
  • Push button temperature control
  • No waiting for hot water

What are the costs of renting gas cylinders?

It’s approximately $120 per bottle per year. We arrange this for you when we carry out your gasfitting work as part of our service.

If I use gas bottles how often will I need to refill them?

As a guide we have supplied some figures based on annual gas usage. Actual consumption will be subject to other factors such as thermostat controls, how often and at what temperature appliances are used.

ApplicationNo. in householdAverage annual refills
Home Heating onlyN/A6-9
Water Heating only24-6

How is the water heated?

There are various options, however the three more commonly used are:

  • Gas Boiler (either gas bottles or mains gas)
  • Heat Pump
  • Diesel Boiler

Do you charge for client consultation?

A 1 hour minimum charge at our standard rate is payable. All subsequent hours will be charged at rates outlined on our website.